What to expect when you hire a Personal Chef

Spend your Time & Effort on other things – No More “What’s for Dinner?”

With a Personal Chef you can forget about time spent menu planning, grocery shopping and cooking. You won’t even have to think about what’s for dinner beyond approving your customized menus.

Customized Menus – What you want, how you want it!

Your Personal Chef’s goal is to please you with every meal. She will create menus based on your preferences and dietary needs, preparing your food to your specifications.

Meal Preparation in Your Home – Dinner is ready when you are!

Your Personal Chef will arrive at your home, on your scheduled cook day, with groceries and tools. He will cook and store your meals, leaving you with complete serving instructions to ensure your meals taste like they were just made! Your kitchen will be left clean and your home smelling wonderful. You simply heat the meals and enjoy your free time, clean kitchen, and fabulous food. Some Personal Chefs have facilities that allow them to prepare your meals and deliver – if you can live without the mouth-watering smells!

Flexible & Convenient Service – We make your life easier!

Clients determine when and how often to enjoy their meals, whether a few days per week to every day. Most clients need help for dinner meals but others prefer lunch and breakfast as well. Your Personal Chef will return whenever you need more delicious and healthy food!